Dutchman Camp,
Manistique, MI

Friday, June 21, 1996

Melissa, Redwood and I arrived around midnight to help open up the camp with Dad and Grandpa this year. On the drive up, we went through a lot of rain. At the camp the rain stopped so we could see the lightning and fireflies light up the sky.


Saturday, June 22, 1996

Got up early with not much sleep thanks to Grandpa snoring and such. The big project was to put in a new skylight. Dad did most of the work, while I helped on the final installation. I also mowed the lawn and trimmed the bushes. Melissa washed all the windows, Grandpa helped out where he could. In the afternoon, I built a firepit and then stood in the river for a while enjoying the warm sunshine.


Sunday, June 23, 1996

Again up early and we all took a walk to the other cabins upstream of us. Two new ones since I had been there last &emdash; about three years ago. Today was the first time we were bothered by bugs &emdash; few mosquitoes but lots of noseeums. We left for Grand Rapids around noon.


Wednesday, July 3, 1996

Redwood and I arrived at camp with Shawn and Lianne around 1 a.m. &emdash; I guess that would make it Thursday. Melissa, Pam, Dale, Brett and Charlie, plus Tyler the dog, showed up 15 minutes later. Most all of us stayed up until 7 a.m. drinking around the fire and watched the sunrise.


Thursday, July 4, 1996

We all awoke fairly early considering the late night. We cooked up a big breakfast and Brett, Charlie and Tyler took off to canoe further north.

Pam and I took a bike ride up to the 448 bridge across the West Branch and then back down to Hough's. Lots more cabins on that side of the river. I didn't even recognize the road as it approached the old bridge since it looks abandoned.

Did some target practice with the .22 rifle. Elaina and Steve showed up around dinner time and stayed with us for the night. We set off a lot of fireworks from the beach and had a big bonfire.


Friday, July 5, 1996

Another fairly early morning and another big breakfast. Melissa, Dale, Pam and myself drove to Seney Wildlife Refuge and took a 15 mile bike ride in the afternoon. We saw lots of wildlife in the refuge including many deer, beavers, herons, osprey and turtles. Also got swarmed by deer flies much of the time.

On the drive back on 448 north of the cabin, we saw a black bear dash into the woods along with many deer.

Back at camp, we called Shawn and Lianne who went to visit cousin Chris at his cabin. They had showers, so we decided to spend the night there.

Once there, we took a midnight pontoon boat ride through a few of the lakes surrounding his cabin at the channel that connects Corner and Deep lakes.


Saturday, July 6, 1996

After another big breakfast, we took showers and another pontoon ride. We all regrouped and headed up to Munising to see some waterfalls, Pictured Rocks and a bear in a cage.

We spent quite a bit of time at Miner's beach where I fished the creek that dumps into Lake Superior. I caught one small brown and nice sized rainbow in a hole just below some rapids/falling water.

Back at camp I made everyone a taco dinner and we played cards for a few hours.


Sunday, July 7, 1996

Melissa and her friends took off right after a big breakfast for a Hootie concert.

Shawn, Lianne and I cleaned up camp and spent a while blowing up a half watermelon with firecrackers and the gun.

On the drive back, we stopped at Big Buck Brewery in Gaylord for a couple beers. Nice place, worth going to again. We got back to Grand Rapids around midnight.


Saturday, August 31, 1996

Redwood and I came up to camp last night with Sue and Sarge. We found 3 mice in the bucket and many crickets everywhere &emdash; including some huge spiders.

We spent the day hiking around to the other cabins and then went swimming in the river. It was the only way to avoid the bugs.

We saw and heard some sandhill cranes in the clearing. We tried fishing in Stutts Creek, but the bugs were again too bad. Drove around in my truck along some of the back roads and talked with the Martini Bros.


Sunday, September 1, 1996

We all headed up to Pictured Rocks around noon. We went to Miners Falls, Miners Beach and Miners Lake. The Falls and the Lake were dissappointing, while the beach was very nice. Had great sunny weather.

Shopped a bit and ate dinner in Munising. On the way back to camp, a State Trooper pulled me over for speeding. It turns out his name is Dan McDonohough (spelling?) and he owns 11 or 12 acres upstream from the Dutchman. He recognized my name from Grandpa and let me go with a warning.


Monday, September 2, 1996

Tried to leave for home early but stopped at the Seul Choix Lighthouse and Seney Wildlife Refuge (as well as Big Buck Brewery in Gaylord). Had a great weekend of fun and sun, but could have done without the bugs.


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