Glacier National Park

Saturday, September 24, 1994

John and Jen Fallon visited for the weekend from Seattle.

Friday afternoon we went to Giant Springs and ate at Bert & Ernies in Great Falls. Saturday morning we drove to Glacier.

Went to Many Glacier first, the sky was perfectly clear and the temperature got up to 85°. Saw Many Glacier Hotel and then hiked up to Bedrock Lake. John fished the lake for a while, but we only saw one surface and caught nothing.

While fishing a large cow moose and its calf crashed into the lake and ate from the bottom. We watched four hikers on the other side of the lake watch the moose.

As we hiked around the lake and back to the trail, we came face to face with the mother and child. They just looked at us briefly and we kept hiking past them. I wondered what Redwood would do, but he just looked back at them and continued on with us.

Back at the trailhead, the USNPS park ranger was waiting for me. He wrote me a $25 ticket for having Redwood with me on the trail.

The trail was clearly marked, but I brought him anyways. The price you pay for fun.

At Logan Pass, we saw a herd of mountain goat. John and Jen saw a grizzly a ways off along the trail to Hidden Lake.

Also fished Saint Mary Lake near the boat dock. Had some very tiny trout try for my fly, but neither of us caught a thing. Got back around 11:00 p.m. and had a great time.

Backpacking and Hiking in Montana