Marvo and Terbo hot-tubbin'.






















Jerry Johnson Hot Springs, ID

Saturday, July 3, 1993

Arrived in late afternoon with Marvo and Terbo. We set up camp near the farthest hot spring up river. Soaked in the spring late into the night. First time for me, loved it.


Sunday, July 4, 1993

Woke up fairly late after a great night of sleep.

Went to the middle set of springs and sat in the one right next to the river. It was a warm, cloudy day and the water felt great.

While there, we first saw a deer across the creek, and then saw a moose. The first one I've ever seen in the wild in person.

Later in the day the springs were getting crowded, so we left for camp. Started cooking some steak kabobs and I went fishing. Caught an 8-inch rainbow on a bead head nymph and fried it up.

Warm Springs Creek is loaded with exposed boulders and rushes through the drainage quickly. Did see a fair number of mayflies emerge from the water during the day and lots of caddis flies hovering over the creek in the evening. The water was crystal clear and cold.

I wish I could have waded because it was tough to reach most of the good holes from shore. However, there is a good path along shore for easy access.

Rando showed up midway through dinner. We all went soaking around midnight. Then, it started to rain and didn't let up until we got up around 10:00.


Monday, July 5, 1993

Everything was wet, but the weather began to clear. Did some more fishing but caught nothing.

The nude guy from California, nicknamed Thor, was running around with a 20 foot staff of pine. He asked everyone to smoke dope with him and had no sense of modesty about his nudity. Took pictures of his car. Got back to Great Falls in the evening.


Saturday, January 14, 1995

Met the Hampers at Terbo's for a weekend of partying. After sleeping off a hangover until noon, we got some lunch and headed to the springs.

We brought everything we'd need for an overnighter except the tents. In the group were Sing-Sang, Frank, Alan, Ron, Marvo, Terbo, myself and the dogs Redwood, Elroy, Jack and Bailey.

Despite the snow and cold weather, three of the four springs were filled when we got there. It stayed clear most of the time, but for about an hour it sleeted heavily. We "toughed" it out by staying submerged.

Later, we were visited by Bob, a longtime regular at the springs. This guy gave us the creeps and kept asking us not to leave.

We left the springs aroung midnight and drove back through some wet, heavy snow.

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Rando and Terbo stepping out.