One of the waterfalls leaving the lake.








Little Rock Creek Lake,
Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness

Saturday, August 14, 1993

This small lake is about a five mile hike into the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness. I hiked up to the alpine lake with Marvo, Terbo and Kathy.

It was an easy four-hour hike to the lake, and as soon as we got there, about 5:00 pm, the fish were jumping. Word is that the lake was stocked a few years back and is now overpopulated with cutthroat.

Between Marvo, Terbo and I, we caught about 40 trout in less than two hours. The fish would take just about anything, but Royal Wulffs worked especially well for me.

These trout needed food. They were very thin, all head and mouth, looking more like smelt.

Altogether, we kept about 20 of the fish for dinner. I brought along a whole wheat flour mixture and some oil and we fried them over the fire. I also had lemon and butter to top them with. Yes, I was planning ahead. The fish tasted absolutely great.

After dinner, it began raining and didn't stop until we woke up the next day. At night, we sat out by a big waterfall exiting the lake and Kathy shared some sage with us that was blessed by a medicine man.


Sunday, August 15, 1993

After the rain cleared, I checked out the mist floating above the lake and along the cliffs.

Not many fish jumping this morning, and not many would take a fly. Nevertheless, I caught and released five without much trouble.

We all took a hike around the lake and saw moose, elk and bobcat tracks.

Terbo and I hiked through the avalanche area and threw rocks down into the lake.

Marvo and I needed to get back to our homes, so we hiked back to the car in the rain during the early evening. Thunder and lightning chased us along.

It only took 2.5 hours to get out since we didn't stop much.

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Marvo and me relaxing.