Friday, August 22, 1997

Sue and I took Tanner and Sarge on an overnight hiking trip to the southern end of the dunes. We started from Nurnberg Road and hiked the most direct trail to the shoreline. Once near the shore we turned south and found a nicely developed camping site high on a bluff above the dunes.

That night we drank some wine while sitting along the lake shore and watching the sun set. Tanner fetched and played with Sarge. The waves were a bit too big and the water was too cold for any swimming. We cooked some pasta by the fire and went to sleep to the sounds of the pounding surf. Nice weather overall, but a bit cool.

Saturday, August 23, 1997

We got up early because the dogs were restless. It turns out we were on a bit of a slope and we had slid down into the dogs space until they had no room left.

We walked south along the beach for about a mile until we found a nice place to sit, play and have breakfast. Along the way we saw the remains of a shipwreck. It looked like the bottom or side of a large wooden boat. We also napped for a while and made some sand sculptures (boobs for me, a Santa Claus for Sue).

On the way back to camp we hiked through the dunes away from the shore for a while. Sue said we should start walking along the beach and I made a stupid comment, so we walked back in silence to the camp. At the camp the silence continued until we worked it out.

Since we were planning to meet friends later that day in GR, we hiked back around noon. On the way we took an alternate trail that was probably on old fire break or road. It went almost straight back to the car regardless of hills, swamps or meadows. The hiking only lasted an hour or so. Overall, we had a nice time and will probably come back.

Saturday, June 28, 1997

Sue and I took Sarge and Tanner out to the beach for the day. We camped at the Lake Michigan Recreation Area. They were packed this weekend and don't take reservations for their 100 camp sites. We were lucky to quickly find a spot.

Down on the beach, the signs directed dog owners south of the main swimming area. It was great because all the people with dogs were spread along this area. There was plenty of room for everyone. Tanner was afraid of the waves at first but soon started swimming like a natural.

We stayed in the sun for most of the afternoon and then drove to Manistee for dinner. We had burgers and nachos on a deck along the channel. After dinner we drove back to the campground and watched the sunset back on the beach.

Sunday, June 29, 1997

We took the dogs a short hike before heading back to Grand Rapids. We started near the main beach and hiked south on the trail that paralleled the shoreline. We turned around after a mile or so and checked out campsites for a future trip here. It looks like lots of people use the wilderness area but I think there's room if you look around. Great area and a great weekend.

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