Pickeral Lake Nature Preserve,
Bostwick Lake, MI

Sunday, February 4, 1996

Took Redwood out this very cold afternoon for some cross country skiing. I think the high was about 10 degrees. The snow was perfect.

The trail goes about 3/4 of the way around the edge of the lake. There are also some loops that take you to the top of the hill behind the lake. It's not too tough getting up there and pretty fun coming down.

There is a strip of private land that has about 50 feet of lake frontage and thus divides the Nature Preserve. If not for this, you could ski up along the hill ridges for quite a while.

I tried to loop the lake and ended up running into Camp Rogers and then a neighborhood. I went back bushwacking a bit through about 5 inches of snow.

Saw a few people, and none of them said anything about Redwood. The signs said pets aren't allowed in the area.

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