Sunday, May 5, 2002

I was headed back home from a weekend of fishing on the upper Manistee, when I saw a nice access on the Pine not far from US131. (Can't remember the name now - Eggetts?) A few people were around. Some canoeing, some fishing. I worked my way downstream a few bends and found plenty of nice places to fish. Even though it was running a little high and the current was strong, you could still wade a good amount of the river. An amazing number of springs feed into the river here. I hooked one fish on a nymph and only saw a couple rises. I think I could have caught more if I had fished a little harder. Nice spot.

Saturday, April 25, 1998

On opening day of trout season, Tanner and I headed to a spot on the Pine where I had never been before. At Dobson Bridge, I drove back upstream along the south side of the river. I followed the two tracks until a gate across the trail announced that foot trafiic only was allowed any further.

In this area I saw probably five different campsites. There must have been twenty guys fishing in the area. Or were they just hunting morels? I was amazed to see all these people. I had purposely picked one of the more remote spots I could find on the map.

At any rate, it was nice to talk to a few of the guys. Several of them had had really good luck earlier in the morning and were now heading back to camp. Not a good sign for me since it was now 4:00 in the afternoon.

Tanner and I hiked upstream for about 25 minutes before getting into the water. There were plenty off good spots to wade and lots of good pockets to fish. The first spot I stopped at was probably the best in terms of gravel and rocks. But many of the fallen logs looked as though they would hold trout.

Fishing was a little frustrating. I caught two small rainbows in the gravel, but didn't get a strike anywhere else. I saw maybe one insect hatch off the river all day, so nymphs were the way to go. And I went throught the whole range of nymphs thanks to all the fallen logs.

I ended up hiking a two or three more bends upstream of the big gravelly run, and found more good places to wade and fish. Even saw a few good places to camp. The aluminum hatch was very light today, only saw one group of five.

Great weather for opening day. Sunny, warm and just a little wind. Too bad I didn't get here in the morning.

Sunday, October 20, 1996

After spending a night with a bunch of the college friends, Sue and I took Sarge and Redwood to Silver Creek campground near the upper reaches of the Pine River.

After a misty, cold day in Lansing, the day turned sunny and warmer the further north we went. We took a nap in the sun, although still inside the tent because of all the no-see-ums. Then we hiked to the Lincoln Bridge campground to enjoy the colorful leaves along the Pine. Definitely worth the trip. Saw lots of great color and hardly any people.

Had hot chocolate and peppermint schnaps while sitting around the campfire. Got a little cold at night, probably into the 30s.


Monday, October 21, 1996

Up early with the sun and released the dogs from the truck. Lots of dew on the grass, nothing froze though. Sat around for a while reading and then packed up camp.

First drove to the Kellogg lookout but found it had been torn down some 20-30 years ago according to an old-timer. He had been taking his horses up to that spot for all those years. Looks like he was getting ready for deer season.

Then we drove to Udell Lookout which is still there. I had been there probably six years ago. We had to climb a 10' fence and then scale the first 20' feet of the tower before getting to the steps. Sue was scared to go up it, so I climbed it myself. Got a great 360° view of the colors. Kinda scary still because nothing is there to hold you back so I still didn't go all the way up. Bees and wasps and flies buzzing around didn't help much.

Drove home fairly early after having a great weekend.