Silver Crest Cross-country Ski Trails,
Lewis & Clark NF, MT

Sunday, January 9, 1994

Four to six inches of snow fell the night before, so lots of snow hung in the pines as I hit the trail around noon.

I took trail "D", the outside, long trail. The inner trails are grommed very nicely -- about the width of a two-track. I began trying the "skating" method and did OK at times.

The views aren't that great but there aren't any really big hills up or down. I think this place is worth a try on my mountain bike when the snow clears.

The outer edges of the D trail were not groomed, so when I went into the Homestake Meadow, I saw a track ahead of me. Finally I caught up to the skier -- a woman from Great Falls who was having a tough time with the snow. I skied the rest of the way back with her and helped break the trail most of the way. She was most grateful.


Saturday, March 26, 1994

The trails weren't groomed this time, although enough skiers had been through to leave a good trail.

Tried to take the D trail again. Followed all the way to Homestake Meadow where I lost the trail in blowing snow. I had to turn back quickly as the wind and snow were extremely fierce.

For a few moments, I was a bit scared. I felt that maybe the weather was a bit more than I was prepared for. Rested and warmed up at the Silver Dyke hut where a camp robber perched atop one of my poles and begged for a piece of my granola bar.

When I returned to Great Falls, I learned thirteen inches of snow had fallen that day.

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