Stanley Hot Springs,
Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness, ID

Saturday, February 19, 1994

After spending Friday night at Terbo's house, Marvo, Terbo and I drove two hours out of Missoula to this trailhead. We were expecting to ski or snowshoe the 5 1/2 miles to the springs, but the snow wasn't deep and the trail was packed hard.

The hike started out with a few steep, long switchbacks and then traversed the hillside. The view up and down the valley was very nice. Lots of pine trees, mostly wooded. We met up with several groups of hikers going in and out. We didn't expect anyone to make this hike during the winter.

When we reached camp after 3 1/2 hours of easy hiking it started snowing heavily. We were afraid it would snow all night. Soon, it let up so we could eat and relax for a while. The springs cascade out of the hillside into about six pools ranging from very hot to nicely warm. Couldn't see the river, but the moon lit up the trees and fresh snow.


Sunday, February 20, 1994

Woke up very cold. I need a better sleeping bag for this weather. After struggling to keep the fire going, we ate and broke camp. Headed to the springs for a few hours.

About twelve people were in the springs at the peak but it didn't seem crowded. Clothes weren't a concern for most everyone.

We got a late start back and it got dark before we could get out. Saw some signs of elk, but not many. Overall, a very relaxing trip and a good hike.

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