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Michigan Trout StreamsMichigan Trout Streams: A Fly-Angler's Guide
by Bob Linsenman, Steve Nevala

Great Lakes SteelheadGreat Lakes Steelhead: A Guided Tour for Fly-Anglers
by Bob Linsenman, Steve Nevala

Fly Fishing for Salmon and Steelhead of the Great LakesFly Fishing for Salmon and Steelhead of the Great Lakes
by Kenn Filkins

NEW! Flyfisher's Guide to MichiganFlyfisher's Guide To Michigan
by Jim Bedford

Michigan Seasons: Classic Tales of Life Outdoors
by Ted Rulseh (Editor)

Trout Ponds and Lakes in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
by Christopher Deubler

Pere Marquette
by Matthew A. Supinski

Fish Michigan: 50 Rivers
by Thomas E. Huggler

Fish Sylvania: A Guide to Fishing the Sylvania Tract in Michigan's Upper Peninsula
by Russ Warye

Fly Fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead - An Advanced Look at an Emerging Fishery NEW!
by Rick Kustich, Jerry Kustich

Au Sable River Journal
by Bob Linsenman

The Angler's Guide to Twelve Classic Trout Streams in Michigan
by G. E. Hendrickson


Fly Fishing
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Flyfisher's Guide to MontanaFlyfisher's Guide to Montana
by Greg Thomas

The Yellowstone Fly-Fishing GuideThe Yellowstone Fly-Fishing Guide
by Craig Mathews

Flyfisher's Guide to IdahoFlyfisher's Guide to Idaho
by Ken Retallic, Rocky Barker

Montana Fly Fishing GuideMontana Fly Fishing Guide: West of the Continental Divide
by John Holt

Western Fly-Fishing Strategies
by Craig Mathews

Fly Fishing the Mountain Lakes (Summer of Discovery Series, Vol. 1)
by Gary Lafontaine

Knee Deep in Montana's Trout Streams
by John Holt

Montana Time CLASSIC!
by John Barsness

Fly Fishing the Rocky Mountain Backcountry
by Rich Osthoff

Wisdom of the Guides: Rocky Mountain Trout Guides Talk FlyFishing
by Paul Arnold


Fly Fishing
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The Complete Book of Fly FishingThe Complete Book of Fly Fishing
by Tom McNally

The Classic Guide to Fly-Fishing for TroutThe Classic Guide to Fly-Fishing for Trout
by Charles Jardine

Presenting the FlyPresenting the Fly
by Lefty Kreh

Modern StreamersModern Streamers for Trophy Trout
by Bob Linsenman, Kelly Galloup

Caddis Super HatchesCaddis Super Hatches
by Carl Richards, Bob Braendle

The Caddisfly HandbookThe Caddisfly Handbook
by Dick Pobst

Curtis Creek ManifestoCurtis Creek Manifesto
by Sheridan Anderson

40 Best Trout Flies40 Best Trout Flies
by Robert Alley

The Fly Tier's Benchside ReferenceThe Fly Tier's Benchside Reference
by Ted Leeson, Jim Schollmeyer

Trout Flies, Proven PatternsTrout Flies, Proven Patterns
by Gary LaFontaine

Steelhead: Fly Fishing
by Trey Combs

The Orvis Guide to Reading Troutstreams
by Tom Rosenbauer

Matching the Hatch CLASSIC!
by Ernest Schwiebert

Selective Trout CLASSIC!
by Doug Swisher, Carl Richards

Hatches CLASSIC!
by Al Caucci, Bob Nastasi

A Modern Dry Fly Code CLASSIC!
by Vincent Marinaro

In the Ring of the Rise CLASSIC!
by Vincent Marinaro

What the Trout Said: About the Design of Trout Flies and Other Mysteries CLASSIC!
by Datus C. Proper

The Dry Fly: New Angles CLASSIC!
by Gary LaFontaine

Caddisflies CLASSIC!
by Gary LaFontaine

Nymphing, a Basic Book CLASSIC!
by Gary Borger

Designing Trout Flies CLASSIC!
by Gary Borger

Presentation CLASSIC!
by Gary Borger

American Fly Fishing, a History CLASSIC!
by Paul Schullery

Production Fly Tying CLASSIC!
by A. K. Best

Micropatterns, Tying and Fishing the Small Fly CLASSIC!
by Darrell Martin

The Versatile Fly Tyer CLASSIC!
by Dick Talleur


Fly Fishing
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The Complete Angler
The Complete Angler: A Connecticut Yankee Follows in the Footsteps of Walton
by James Prosek

Early Love and Brook Trout
Early Love and Brook Trout
by James Prosek

Death, Taxes and Leaky Waders : A John Gierach Fly-Fishing Treasury
by John Gierach

Trout: An Illustrated History
Trout: An Illustrated History CLASSIC!
by James Prosek

The River HomeThe River Home: An Angler's Explorations
by Jerry Dennis

From a Wooden CanoeFrom a Wooden Canoe: Reflections on Canoeing, Camping, and Classic Equipment
by Jerry Dennis

The River WhyThe River Why CLASSIC!
by David James Duncan

Standing in a River Waving a StickStanding in a River Waving a Stick
by John Gierach

What the River Knows : An Angler in Midstream
by Wayne Fields

The Complete Book of Fly-Fishing: A Worldwide Guide to the Fish, the Waters, the Flies, and the Challenge
by Malcolm Greenhalgh

A Place on the Water: An Angler's Reflections on Home
by Jerry Dennis

A River Runs Through It CLASSIC!
by Norman Maclean

Trout Bum CLASSIC!
by John Gierach

Even Brook Trout Get the Blues CLASSIC!
by John Gierach

Vermont River CLASSIC!
by W. D. Wetherell

Native Trout of North America CLASSIC!
by Robert H. Smith

Chalkstream Chronicle: Living Out the Flyfisher's Fantasy CLASSIC!
by Neil Patterson

Spring Creek CLASSIC!
by Nick Lyons

Confessions of a Fly Fishing Addict
by Nick Lyons

My Secret Fishing Life
by Nick Lyons

The Quotable Fisherman
by Nick Lyons

The Seasonable Angler
by Nick Lyons

In Praise of Wild Trout
by Nick Lyons

The Habit of Rivers, Reflections on Trout Streams and Fly Fishing CLASSIC!
by Ted Leeson

The Earth is Enough, Growing Up in a World of Trout and Old Men CLASSIC!
by Harry Middleton

Fly Fishing
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Fly Fishing BasicsFly Fishing Basics
Video by Hooked on Fly Fishing

Beyond the BasicsBeyond the Basics
Video by Hooked on Fly Fishing

Rod & Reel Dry Fly StrategiesRod & Reel Fly Fishing Success 2: Dry Fly Strategy
Video by Joe Humphreys

Rod & Reel Nymphing StrategiesRod & Reel Fly Fishing Success 3: Nymphing Strategy
Video by Joe Humphreys

Rod & Reel Fly Fishing FundamentalsRod & Reel Fly Fishing Success 1: The Fundamentals
Video by Joe Humphreys

A River Runs Through ItA River Runs Through It
The classic movie on
DVD and Video

Orvis Fly-fishing School
Video by Orvis

Shadow Casting: The Making of A River Runs Through It
Behind the scenes of the classic movie

Fly Fishing Video Magazine
Visit lots fly fishing locations around the world with these great videos.

Hooked on Fly Fishing Series
Great series of educational videos.

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