Big Hole River,
Wise River, MT

Friday, April 28, 1995

After talking with the Lampert family of Warm Springs about their land along the Clark Fork, I took Redwood camping and fishing upstream from Wise River at the East Bank Campground.

The weather was cold and windy with occasional snow and rain. Nearly the entire length of the river basin was bare of snow except for the campground.

I didn't see any trout surface, and no insects fly. I had called ahead to an area flyshop and they said it was good fishing. Later in the weekend I'd talk to a guy in a flyshop in Dillon who'd tell me that the water here was just too cold this time of year.

Shared the campground with some old guys from Idaho who were out to hunt bear with their ATVs. The river was fairly big with a rocky bottom and some wide, lazy bends. Not much structure to fish, which makes wade fishing exceptionally difficult. Headed out to Dillon, and eventually the Jefferson River in the morning.

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