Saturday, April 18, 1998

With the trout opener a week away, about 16 volunteers from the Coldwater River Watershed Council and West Michigan Trout Unlimited spent the morning picking up trash from along the banks of the river. We cleaned about five or six miles of the river, I think from about Carlton Center Road to Morse Lake Avenue.

Personally, I didn't see any trout in the river. The only trout I did see was one that was picked out of the river. One of the groups cleaning the river found a dead 24" brown trout on the bottom of the Coldwater. It was found downstream of the TU property and looked like a natural death. We were all impressed by such a large trout in here.

So where does all the trash come from? Certainly we found some worm containers and fishing line in the trees, but the overwhelming majority of the trash came in the form of corn planting signs, everyday household trash, and industrial trash. In short, the trash came from people who live and work along the river. No lie.

Sunday, April 27, 1997

Sue and I went out fly-fishing together the day after trout season opened. She had taken a fly-fishing class the week before from Glen Blackwood of Great Lakes Fly Fishing Company. Neither of us caught anything, but neither of us saw anything. Well, I saw one nice 14-inch trout hanging from the end of a guy's stringer. Nice evening, a few light mists of rain, but a comfortable 60 degrees. The water was pretty clear and at what seemed to be a normal depth. Didn't see anything hatch either. Sue used my leaky waders while I waded in boots and jeans. Of course, I forgot to bring dry shoes along.

Sunday, July 14, 1996

Tried the Trout Unlimited property just 30 minutes from my house. The water was lower than normal, but very clear. I caught five browns, all hatchery fish, on a bead head pheasant tail. Saw at least 8 people up and down the river in the few hours I was there. Talked to a few who had fished here for many years. In the low water, everything was very wadable. I went past Tyler Creek, but wouldn't go up there again. It seems to turn into a warm water fishery. In the main river, there were a few turns and some logs that made some nice holes to fish. Also several runs of riffles and slow water make it interesting as well.


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