Gallatin & Madison Rivers, MT

Tuesday, September 5, 1995

Met up with Paul and John Singer at Chico Hot Springs. Paradise Valley sure is worthy of its name. Over the past 4 or 5 days they had had great luck fishing the Yellowstone, Slough Creek, DePuy's Spring Creek and the Gallatin. We relaxed for a while in Chico's springs and went to bed early.


Wednesday, September 6, 1995

Got up early and began driving to Little Bear Guest House near Gallatin Gateway. Before checking in, we fished the upper Gallatin right near the Yellowstone Park border. It had deep, undercut banks, several channels and flowed through a meadow. I caught three or four smallish trout. Paul caught a few more. John caught two. None of us thought the fishing was all that great. The weather, however, was great.

Page and Cindi Dabney own the Guest House. It's located right behind their house. Page is an Investment Executive with D.A. Davidson. They're great people and run a very nice place.


Thursday, September 7, 1995

Got up early again and headed out for Ennis and the Madison River. We fished for a while downstream from Varney Bridge. I caught one brown and one rainbow in the island area. Paul caught the same in the same area. John spent the entire time under the bridge. I don't think he caught a thing.

Paul and I talked to an old guy from Florida who was house sitting up on the hill. He was an Ernest Hemingway look-alike and told some good stories.

Paul caught a nice rainbow under the bridge and I caught a whitefish. Later, we drove up to the 8-Mile Ford and fished there. The water was one long riffle here, much like right at Varney Bridge, but some islands and channel water were upstream. I didn't catch anything, Paul caught a few whitefish and John caught none.


Friday, September 8, 1995

On my last day of fishing, John insisted we return to the Gallatin. We went in the canyon area and found some OK water. I caught one, Paul caught 4, and John caught a bunch of micro-trout and some larger whitefish. It also rained and thundered quite a bit.

I spent more time drinking beer in the car than fishing. Paul was about half and half. John just fished.

We later had dinner at Mackenzie River Pizza and I drove home to arrive in Great Falls at midnight. Had a good time talking with Paul. John was a pain in the ass half the time and fun the rest of the time.

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