Jefferson River, MT
Saturday, April 29, 1995

After staying the night near Wise River, I hiked the Humbug Spires and drove to Dillon. Stopped at the Patagonia Outlet and bought two shirts for $35 &emdash; normally $102.

I was looking to fish and camp along the Beaverhead or upper Jefferson, but just like the map said, there is no such place. Access to the Beaverhead downstream of Dillon is really bad.

Because the weather kicked up during the afternoon, and I couldn't find a good access site, I finally ended near the Lewis & Clark Caverns. From the road I could see fish surfacing although it was drizzling. Theses were the first fish I'd seen surface the whole weekend.

They turned out to be 12" whitefish. Oh, well some fish are better than no fish. Caught about ten in an hour. I planned to stay the night at this big pulloff between the road and the river, but the rain never let up. I broke open a six pack and headed straight back to Great Falls.

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