October 22, 2006

Chris and I spent another miserable rainy day on the river. I think we both landed a few nice fish on the regular flies. I must have missed about a have dozen reports this month.

October 7, 2006

The annual TU outing. A very nice day. Herb and I hooked into some salmon and boated two. Fresh fish mixed in with older ones.

Summer 2006

Missed writing up several reports. Overall good mayfly activity. Fish seemed to congregate in the areas with better insect populations and cooler water. Don't miss the evenings.

June 4, 2006

Greg, JR and I hit up the same area. This time motoring up from Henning. Again, we ran into the same conditions. Awesome!

May 29, 2006

We're exploring more down toward Bigelow Creek. JR and I ran into a serious hatch where I caught one of my largest Muskegon River browns on a dry fly -- a messed-upgrey drake. Lots of rising fish. Like being out west. Beautiful sunny weather.

May 27, 2006

I took Tom from the dam down to Pine Street. We caught a bunch of fish between the dam and the bridge. tom had good luck on mepps spinners and I did well on both drys and streamers. We took our time along San Juan where we did equally well. Great day to be out!

May 18, 2006

Dreary day with Greg. We motored up from Pine to target the trout by San Juan. As we drifted through there a few times, we each caught good numbers of trout. We then went down to the power lines. Ii don't think we did as good down there.

Sunday, May 7, 2006

Floated from Croton to Thornapple. Sunny and fairly warm today, also quite a bit of wind. Our game plan was to throw streamers to target trout. Of course we were ready for any steelhead that might show. Few did, so we stuck with casting sink-tip lines with flies that resembled small salmon fry or sculpin. The fly I used all day, and had great success, looks just like a salmon fry. Big, stick-on eyes and a body made entirely out of ice dubbing. Between JR and I we caught probably 20 trout -- most all of them between Croton and Pine St. However, the biggest two fish of the day came at the Power Lines and near Piano Rock.

April 22, 2006

Dreary, rainy day in search of steelhead. A perfect steelhead day, some would say. I'd say the same if we caught more steelhead. I think we landed one, but hooked into several. Tons of boats out today. Especially above Pine Street. It was a parking lot.

April 15, 2006

Beautiful day for the annual TU outing. I forgot to take notes and 10 months later I can't remember if I caught anything. I know that steelhead were in the river. Duh.

April 9, 2006

High water was rolling out of Croton Dam. Two gates open with about 6000 cfs floated Gregg's boat today. We took his for the motor and additional anchoring power. Just down from Croton, JR, Gregg and I all hooked into steelhead but I was the only one to land one. The 7lb. hen took a peach trout bead. Later, a 5lb. walleye would take my wooly bugger. Not even a dozen casts and I had two fish in the boat. Down at Pine Street, we could see some fish hitting the gravel but we couldn't get any solid hookups. The next best spot was at Gaza. I landed a gorgeous 21-inch brown trout (orange egg) and all of us hooked into a steely. Gregg had a monster on -- its tail was the size of a salmon tail -- probably 15 pounds. Great weather today, about 50 degrees and sunny.

April 2, 2006

Maiden voyage with my new Hyde boat. JR got the Muskegon trifecta: steely, brown and walleye. A fair amount of steelhead were around. Didn't see any hitting the beds, but did find some around the gravel. I landed a brown trout for Jay as he retrieved the spool of his reel from the bottom of the river.

Winter float

I can't remember the date, but it must have been early steelhead. We borrowed Gregg's boat for the day. We didn't catch a damn thing all day. At least we got out.

Fall 2005 Salmon

The details are hazy now that I write this the following spring. At any rate, I did walk into Charmichael and floated in the pontoons with Jim. On the float, I know Jim and I both hooked up and I believe he landed at least one salmon. I remember the water was high and we had a hell of a time trying to stop anywhere. In fact, I think we lost JR's anchor on this trip.

On a Thursday afternoon and evening, Greg, Johnny O, and others went down from Thornapple and fished around High Rollaway. As I recall it was pretty good because JR and I walked down the stops twice to get into the good stuff. With the water low enough, it is possible to cross the river here and go much further downstream.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

On a beautiful Thursday afternoon Greg & JR and Will and Johnny O floated from Thornapple to below Henning. Earlier in the day we all stripped streamers. JR got in a real nice brown a fly Greg tied -- whitish, bead head, lots of crystal flash. I had a tough go of it on streamers. For whatever reason, I couldn't get fish to hit. As it got darker, more and more flys came out -- grey drakes, caddis, sulphurs, and more. The drakes got pretty thick near dark, but they never really fell. I ended up getting a couple of trout on a grey drake pattern. The day started cool but seemed to get warmer and clearer.

Missed a trip or two in here.

April 16, 2005

Today was the SWMTU steelhead trip. I took a couple guys down the river stopping at all the regular spots. I seemed to have it dialed in because at every stop I think I hooked up.

Missed a trip or two in here.

Sunday, mid-January, 2005

JR and I got a chance to try out some of our new Christmas gifts on a float from Pine to Thornapple. And it really was a float. Despite the above freezing temps, the river was flowing strong and high. Our anchors couldn't stop us and it was too deep to wade to the good holes. It was a nice day to get out anyway even if we got skunked.

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