Little Prickly Pear Creek
Wolf Creek, MT

Saturday, June 5, 1993

Fished this creek a few miles south of Wolf Creek along the Recreation Road. Lots of holes and riffle areas. Water is usually about knee-deep, lots of slippery rocks, and mixed pebbles and sand. Weather was warm and sunny and saw some mayflies and caddis flies, although trout weren't surfacing. Did catch a small brown trout on a tiny brownish nymph. There are several beaver dams along here which look especially good for dry flies. Overall, a fun creek to fish and wade.


Thursday, June 10, 1993

Took Jeanelle on her first fly-fishing experience near the picnic area/train trestle. After taking two steps into the water, I fell in and was soaked up to my shoulders. I was terribly embarrassed, but kept on fishing. She easily caught on to casting, and I caught a few fingerlings. Didn't fish long because of the damp clothes.


Saturday, June 12, 1993

A cold, windy afternoon. Went back to the trestle/picnic area and fished downstream to the next trestle. Below the first set of rapids, caught a 13-inch brown trout that fought for a few minutes and another small trout. Water was still a few inches high, but it was clear. Some areas are tough to wade because the current is strong and the rocks are especially slippery. Used a bead-head hare's ear nymph. No flies in the air.


Saturday, June 19, 1993

A hot, sunny afternoon. Fished the same stretch as last time, but went a few bends further down. No luck today, and too much sun for my fair skin. I got a bad sunburn. Water was more murky than before and still a little high. Saw some caddis flies, but not many.


Saturday, June 26, 1993

Fished the area near the lowest beaver dam on this nice partly sunny day. Used bead head hare's ear nearly the whole afternoon. Also used a mayfly emerger because I saw a few large blue mayflies come out of the water and fly straight up. Caught a large rainbow, but could not land it, by drifting the nymph slowly behind the large dam. It seems that the fish just wait in this deep water for food to come down the pipeline. A little further downstream, there is a nice stretch of riffles and some undercut banks. Caught 10 inch rainbow here, and spooked a much, much larger trout out from under an undercut bank.


Saturday, August 21, 1993

Tried the lower beaver dam area again. Hooked about 4 good trout on a Royal Wulff, but all got off the hook after a brief struggle. Switched to a bead head nymph and landed about 4 smaller browns. Day started cloudy, but ended up in showers. Found that most of the trout were hanging out behind large submerged rocks or near the undercut banks.


Saturday, September 11, 1993

A windy and warm day - probably one of the last of the year. Tried the upper beaver dam and caught one and then tried a new area. This was just outside of Wolf Creek and is probably the real "lower beaver dam." There are several good holes containing trout here, but they were terribly fussy and wouldn't take a grasshoppers, Royal Wulff, or brown or black hares ear nymphs. It looks like I'll have to wait until next year though - unknown to me but known to locals, the river closed on Labor Day!


Sunday, June 12, 1994

Joe and I headed out on this warm, mostly cloudy afternoon. We fished a few of the holes I had been to last year, but we didn't have much luck. Joe caught his first trout on a fly rod - it fit in the palm of his hand. I got lots of strikes, but they were all from trout too small to swallow my caddis fly. Was surprised we didn't have better luck as the water seemed just right.

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