Saturday, August 16, 1996

About 20 of us from WOOD-TV canoed from Hesperia to Pines Point this afternoon. Last night most of us stayed in the Pines Point campground. Today we took off around 1:00 and finished at around 6:00. The water was really low, had to get out a few times and pull. Both the air and the water was warm. Great for swimming, but not so good for fishing. Sue and Sarge came along with Redwood and I. We stayed Saturday night too, as did many others. The "hosts" of the campground won't be looking forward to us returning.

Saturday, August 3, 1996

First drove to the Pines Point area, but it was filled with campers and kids. Just a little west is a whole mess of two-tracks that lead to the North Branch.

The river was pretty clear and fairly cold, although it was brushy, narrow and difficult to cast. I caught a half dozen trout on both a pheasant tail nymph and an elk hair caddis. Beautiful, sunny day with very little wind.

The only annoyance was a bunch of hillbillies and their brain-dead son who drove his minibike up and down my section of the river for two hours.

Not all the water is good to fish here. Some of it further up from where I was, was pretty slow moving. The main body of water where I was obviously is the place to fish.

I saw lots of egg sacs hanging from the trees. With the amount of gravel here, I bet the steelhead and salmon love this area. I'd like to try it, but I'm sure it would be crowded. The river just isn't big enough for many people.

Saturday, June 29, 1996

After striking out on the upper Rogue earlier, I thought the water up here might be clearer. It was, but I was probably too late in the day to catch any hatches. Very bright sunshine and hot temps were keeping the fish in hiding.

I was at the Pools area and found that you really do need a boat. I sunk in muck almost over my waders several times. Could find very few good places to cast from. Did see some wakes in the water, so at least I was spooking something. Also saw the remnants of an earlier hatch. Both the husks of black stoneflies and their spinner falls. They were surprisingly large. Called it quits after a while. It was too hot and I was too tired.

Sunday, April 14, 1996

Returned with Redwood to the good spots of the Pines Point Area to fish for steelhead. Tried to rise early in the morning to be there, but dozens of other anglers beat me. At the gravel beds where I caught the salmon there were about 10 guys. None of them had any luck.

I went downstream a little further to get away from them and saw a couple of rises. I tried to catch these trout (I think that's what they were.) using attracter dries and bead head nymph droppers. No luck at all. The water was pretty good for wading and this particular bend was good for casting.

As I was getting ready to fish the gravel beds (all the other guys left for lunch), my reel seperated from its seat. I'll have to get it fixed. Nice day, about 50 degrees and sunny.

Saturday, March 24, 1996

Sunny day, about 45° with a bit of wind. Drove to the Pools first. It took just over an hour via 131. Saw five turkeys as I approached the bridge.

Didn't fish here because it ocurred to me while walking around that this area might be closed for the season. Anyways, I saw what looked like one 10-inch brookie and a 20-inch brown cruising near the bank where I believe the springs bubble up. Even though it looks real silty and the surrounding area is muddy, I really wanted to fish it. I'll be back.

Drove further downstream to the walk-in access at Walnut Street. There's just a small sign, but the trail is developed and it's a five minute walk. There's a fire ring and room for several tents next to the river. I didn't catch or see anything but the water both upstream and down looks very promising. The water was bitter cold, so maybe the trout were elsewhere. It's easy wading, none of it was above my waist. The water was crystal clear. Even though it's tight casting because of the brush, there's plenty of holes, runs and gravel to cast at.

I checked the regulations when I got home. The White River is closed above the Hesperia Dam during this time of the year.

Sunday, October 22, 1995

Tried to find my way back to the same place as last week using the two-tracks to the north. Finally did find the spot to park/camp (no tables or water) and the river.

If I take 184th south to a house that is sitting empty, there are two paths which converge a short while latter and then follow the power line for a mile or so. Be sure to follow the power line road all the way to the dead end. At that point, a rough 2-track leads to a camping area high above the river, which is a short hike downhill. Another camping site can be found by taking the second to last offshoot from the power line road. Again, the river is a short hike down the hill. In each instance, I've found that the path from the camping area to the river leads to the area's best fishing, so stay put.

Because it rained so much this past week, the river was up a foot and off color. I hiked all around looking for salmon, but only found two of them an hour before I was going to leave. Otherwise it was an okay day, but a little cold.

Saw two other guys fly fishing. One of them caught a small trout using yarn balls. Needless to say, I caught nothing.

Saturday, October 14, 1995

Left home with Redwood around 11:00 and made it to the river in an hour and a half of driving time via M37.

Stopped on the way to see the upper White. It's narrow and brushy, but fishable. I spooked one trout from its hiding place as I checked it out. I finally fished at the Pines Point Semi-primitive area. Lots of people were around the canoe launch, but a trail upstream got me away from them.

I fished for trout for a few hours with no luck. I finally came upon a group of 10 spawning salmon. I could have thrown rocks at them, and they wouldn't have been spooked. Caught two of them.

First one was actually snagged as I drifted a marabou muddler downstream. Fought it for ten minutes and almost netted it once. It finally brushed against some sunken logs and left the hook imbedded underwater. It was dying so I would have let it go anyways.

The second was a healthy salmon that took a wooly bugger as I drifted it back and forth across its nose. It was a much harder fight, leaping several times and rushing up, down, back and forth around the river. It too left the hook imbedded in a sunken log. But that was after it made a 75 yard dash downstream with me splashing along behind.

A pretty good day. Weather was cool, windy, overcast and hard rain at times, but it didn't bother me.

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