Wood Lake,
Augusta, MT

Saturday, September 17, 1994

Chris, Joe, Redwood and I left town at 6:30 a.m. for some morning fishing at a new place. It took about an hour and 45 minutes to reach the lake. Lots of horse trailers on the road heading up to Benchmark.

The autumn colors had come to the mountains turning the birch trees a bright yellow.

The creek leaving the lake was virtually nonexistent. Fair numbers of rainbow in the lake, most were a good 12 inches, perfect for eating. I caught three, and two of them were deformed. Their bodies and tails misshapen and their fins strangely shaped. However, Joe and Chris caught about seven and they were all fine.

We left by 12:30, just as the fish began to surface more frequently. A nice place to fish.


Saturday, June 8, 1995

Redwood and I left in the late afternoon to camp at Wood Lake and took a hike the next day. Found a nice site along a creek in the campground. Identified where Alpine Lake is located. It doesn't look like too tough a hike along its drainage, but the map doesn't show a trail. It's on the ledge just above Wood Lake.

Fished the lake for a few hours but didn't catch anything. Saw two float tubers who didn't catch anything either. And they were right out in the middle of lots of surfacing fish. Talked to some other campers who had fished all day and they didn't get anything either.

Watched the near-full moon rise over the snow covered mountains. It had rained and snowed a lot over the last week, and I even had to wipe snow off the picnic table. Carved my wood spoon around the campfire. Pretty nice weather.


Sunday, June 9, 1995

Awoke early to try fishing again. Still no bites.

Drove up to the South Fork Sun River trailhead to start my hike to Hoadley Creek. Lots of horses had been up this way, so the trail was plenty wide and beaten up in places. It took about an hour and a half to get near the creek.

Stopped at where the main trail crossed the Sun River. Fished at the clearing there for a while. The river was a bit high but clear. It was tumbling over the rocks with a very strong current. It would have been tough to cross and it's hard to imagine any fish living in this area. Otherwise a nice, easy hike with a few good views of the river and surrounding mountains. Redwood sniffed out a couple whitetails on the way out.

Stopped along Wood Creek to drink a few beers, enjoy the sun and take a nap.

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