Welcome! You've found my favorite back-eddy in Dave's House of HI-FI. It's a little dusty, but like an old photo album, it brings back great memories.

I lived in Great Falls, Montana for about three years and spent as much time as possible fly-fishing and backpacking.

To remember where I went and how the fishing was, I started taking notes when I came home after a fishing trip. After a year or so, I put the notes together and started posting them on the Internet. The reports look a little rugged, but I think they'll help you find a new fishing hole. For more ideas, be sure to check out my recommended guide books. They helped me find a lot of new places to fish.

Any comments or questions are welcome. Dave

  1. Belt Creek
  2. Big Hole River
  3. Big Spring Creek
  4. Bitterroot River
  5. Blackfoot River
  6. Dearborn River
  7. Gallatin and Madison Rivers
  8. Heart Lake
  9. Jefferson River
  10. Little Prickly Pear Creek
  11. Little Rock Creek Lake
  12. Mission Mountains, West Slope
  13. Mission Mountains, East Slope
  14. Missouri River - 1993
  15. Missouri River - 1994
  16. Missouri River - 1995
  17. Otter Creek
  18. Peterson Lake
  19. Rattlesnake Wilderness Area
  20. Sun River
  21. Wood Lake
  22. Warm Springs Ponds

Some other recent trips:

Montana Map

"Hike it! Fish it!"
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